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Ease your business with
the POS-terminal

Order a free POS-terminal online


Accept non-cash payments

POS-terminals and E–cash devices allow business owners to accept cashless payments at trade and service enterprises.
Reduce your workload and increase your sales by installing the devices in your facility.

No monthly fee

Get new generation POS-terminals and “Smart Kassa” devices without monthly payment and benefit from favorable tariffs.

Delivery to the address

We deliver and install the device you ordered online to your address: within 3 working days across the city; within 7 working days across the country.

Contactless payments

Accept payments in the amount of up to 100 AZN just by bringing the card closer to the terminal, no need to ask a Customer for the card’s PIN.

Affordable loan for POS-terminal owners

Special offer for small and medium entrepreneurs! Depending on the POS-terminal turnover, you can get a loan of up to 150 000 AZN. Besides, 50 000 AZN of this amount is offered without collateral.


Choose the terminal that suits your needs

  • Contactless payments support
  • Convenient and fast operating system
  • Android software support
Integration with the state tax service
POS–terminal + E–cash
  • E-cash register capabilities
  • POS-terminal function
  • Printing checks with QR code

Attention! According to the amendments to AR Tax Code, as of January 1, 2020 financial sanctions in the amount
of 1000-6000 AZN will be imposed on the owners of facilities that do not have a POS-terminal.

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Required documents


It is Mobile identification used to confirm identity and to verify documents with a digital signature during use of online services.

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Certificate Duplicate

Document for opening an account in the Bank, submitted by the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, whose state registration is carried out by the tax authorities.

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Tax accounting code

15-digit code provided to the taxpayer when entering the accounting data of the business entity into the register of the taxpayer.

How to get PASHA Bank website all news